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Poems and Witticisms by Art Weil

"If we want to fill our mental
computer with happiness

Not only must we work hard with this goal
But be flexible, persistent and willing to share
It's OK to push the humor button!"

They say I’m nuts to share my thoughts and contaminate the neighborhood.

  Blithe Spirit Shoe Soldiers  
  Blithe spirit travels on the sunbeam
On ten thousand dust particles
Transports to a mysterious destination
Open mouth –– inhales
Enraptured, captured by the spirit
"Why now – why me?
He happily acknowledges
Today fate is my bride
I shall tarry, romp and ride
The joyous overtones of merriment
Accolades heaved, success granted
Feverish, he decides, almost concurs
Was it all perception or reality?
Its stamp is tough and lasting
Computer space awarded, the victor
With open arms he/she is received
Believes until the battery dies down
Then the silent shadow vanishes
with the sinking sun.
I awake. In front of my bed are
Two worn black shoes like soldiers
Pointing in opposite directions White shorts, black stockings in juxtaposition
One slipper here, another there
Await my entry into
the unknown day The ticking clock in rhythm
Says “Look at me!” but
I am too tired
Until it’s light again, I will sleep
Shoe soldiers you must wait
Until I come for you
We hugged
We hugged – that’s all
In our pajamas sometime around 3 or 4 pm
We hugged – that’s all
The warm body pressed the seconds into hours
Then back to sleep again
It was a deep, strong
Commitment by two loving people
One of them was me
We hugged – that’s all

She painted her face
I painted my house
many tones of color
both with precision and pride for passersby to admire


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